What's Next?

As the Supervisors of Elections validate the last of the petitions, and we await the ruling of the Florida Supreme Court, many of you are asking - what's next?

The answer is - education and outreach.

We must help voters understand exactly why we're supportive of medical marijuana:

- To give those in pain a safe alternative from toxic narcotics such as Oxycontin and other opiates.
- To provide relief from those suffering from epilepsy, nausea and numerous other conditions in which marijuana has been shown to be effective.
- To give doctors the right to choose what they believe is in the best interest of their patients, without a threat of criminal charges.

We're going to educate voters across the state, online and door to door. But to do this, we need your support.

Please help fund our advertising and grassroots efforts. Donate today to United for Care.

Florida's Attorney General, the Legislature, and pharmaceutical companies with business to lose aren't going to go down without a fight. They're going to keep trying to seed anxiety about what would happen if medical marijuana is legalized - despite the fact that 20 states and DC have already legalized it.

The only defenses against misinformation and fear-mongering are education and facts.

Please help us educate voters about the facts by supporting our outreach here.

Thank you for your support,

Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care

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