Week of Compassion Regional Coordinators


Region 2
Miguel Valdez
Danielle Vines 
801 N Magnolia Ave. Suite 300b
Orlando FL 32803


Region 3
Bianca A. Garza
Regional Organizer: West FL
Sarah Andrews
(551) 200.2242

1726 E 7th Ave #12
Tampa, FL 33605


Region 4
Michael Howson, Regional Coordinator
Broward/Palm Beach
(954) 667-8215


Region 5
Nicholas Merlino
(305) 978-0101 
801 Arthur Godfrey Rd, Suite 402A 
Miami Beach, FL 33140
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I had smoked marijuana for 43 years. I can say never did It lead to me ever wanting another drug, nor did it lead to stronger drugs. I can honestly say I led a pain free life. No depression, anxiety, or sickness. Now in my later years I suffer from Glaucoma which creates high pressure in the eyes which can lead to blindness. Marijuana is known to decrease this pressure. I pay 90.00 a bottle every month to keep the pressure down. Its this tiny bottle with about 3 ml in it. So expensive. Yet I know there is a remedy for my condition, I cannot use it because the big pharma and politics are in the way of giving people the care they need and deserve. Its our choice whether or not to use medical marijuana. I choose to use it. You can eat, drink, or smoke it. And for those of you that oppose it’s use, then I say its okay it is your choice, but please do not let the people who choose to use not have access to a healthier way of life. Thank you.
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I have used Cannabis for many years off and on. Never became addicted nor has it lead to hard drugs. I find Cannabis to be a great Antidepressant and cause no harm. I haven’t lost my memory. I haven’t slammed into someone or something and I haven’t pushed it onto children. I"d rather smoke Cannabis than do any prescription drug. It would be nice to smoke legally even if it has to be prescribed by a doctor.
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So many good Americans say this helps chronic pain. I would love to be pain free. I want research to be allowed so we can develop a method of pain relief where we do not have to smoke. To be able to be pain free without intoxication would also be nice to see. This is not a place for politicians. Let the Doctors help their patients.
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This is a great community of like minded people. If we can just get through to those that will listen, we will as a state, and country become stronger. Life is supposed to be lived with compassion for yourself, and others. Lets stand up and pass this thing!!!
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What region is Leesburg, Lake county in?
and what region is The Villages in?
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I live in mulberry Florida and just let me know what I could do to help I know several people that needs this law passed I am having problems with seeing dr because the marijuana helps and of course because it’s not legal they are not wanting to help me so if there’s anything I can do to help make it legal let me know I will do the best that I can I don’t have much money but I can help in any way other than that. I will do the best I can to help
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ME TOO-I also am in the Fl. Panhandle, 1 hr North of Panama City, i see many posts from others in this area, and hope there is something going on around here, if not, let’s make it happen.
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We need a region for brevard to get word out to orders like me I am 56
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What about the evil tea party area of Naples/Ft. Myers? We need to get out here and make these old jerks realize it’s not always about them. Sick people deserve to live decent lives, too.
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I am also from the Panhandle near Pensacola. I am ready to start on the work to be done for 2016. Let’s get someone up here coordinating regionally in the damn Panhandle already. It would be a major oversight to leave northwest Florida entirely up to it’s own devices. God knows we got a lot of people in need up here who could use a dose of get up and go.
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Let’s do this. I’m fired up and ready after the INJUSTICE we were just done from the b.s. 3% they said we didn’t provide. More like not filling the right pockets with money if you ask me. We can still do this Florida. And here we go! One love.
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Another pensacola resident here, repeating everyone else… PANHANDLE needs more support!
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How do I get some signs for my yard??
If I can get more than one I can get neighbors
To put in their yard too!! Can I stop by the
Orlando office and pick them up? Thanks
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