We're starting TV... but need your help.

We are starting TV this week in select markets - and on November 4th, we're going to deliver access to medical marijuana to the patients that need it.

How much TV we can buy depends on you:

I have to write checks on Friday to the stations. Please contribute here to grow our buy.

We had to spend over $4 million just to get on the ballot, and we can't afford (at the moment) to throw ad dollars around like the No on 2 campaign has - promoting lies and falsehoods about Amendment 2.

But for all the money they spent trying to bury us - they haven't. I now have multiple sources of data that show we are still winning, despite being outspent over 10 to 1 in the last two weeks.

Our best chance of keeping our lead is to have the biggest ad buy possible.
Contribute here now and help us reach our critical $50k goal by Wednesday.

We don't have a giant staff. We don't have all the bells and whistles. What we do have is the truth, the scientific backing, the support of many doctors - and people like you, who know how important this is.

As the Sun Sentinel said yesterday in their endorsement of Amendment 2:

"Think about the up to 400,000 people the Florida Department of Health reports might benefit from treatment with medical marijuana. Think about the 783,000 registered voters who signed a petition to get Amendment 2 on the ballot — and the sick people they love. Amendment 2 is not about fear of problems that might or might not happen. Voters should approve medical marijuana because it promises better, safer and more compassionate care."

Thank you for your support.

Please donate (or donate again) TODAY here.

Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care

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