We now have opposition - and we need your help.

Dear friends:

Unfortunately, as we suspected, forces have organized against us:

It has just been reported by the Orlando Sentinel that the Florida Sheriff's Association is teaming with other organizations to mount a campaign to oppose Amendment 2. This is ironic, because the same organization just backed a very narrow strain of medical marijuana usable for epilepsy - so there is no dispute that marijuana is actually medicine. Apparently, they're willing to turn their backs on all of the other patients who are in need.

Regardless - with organized opposition and a coming fight over the airwaves - it means our need for contributions becomes quite serious.

Please contribute today and help us send a message to their donors that we are going to make it a losing battle for them.

We will not allow those in need to suffer.
We will not back down.
We will deliver compassionate care and pass Amendment 2 in November.

Please contribute here in the next 12 hours so we can include it in our next release.

- Ben

Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care

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