URGENT: They just got another $1.5 million from Sheldon Adelson

Dear Brian,

No on 2's chief funder, billionaire casino-magnate and mega-donor, Sheldon Adelson, just dropped another $1.5 million to help spread lies about Amendment 2.
This comes on the heels of the No on 2 campaign releasing a new ad, in which they found a doctor to say, "there's nothing medical about this marijuana."
Let me be clear:
Voters are smarter than this. They will see through to the shady motivations of the No on 2 funders.  
But we have to fight back and we have to fight back now.  
The sooner we can raise what we need, the sooner we can get on TV ourselves.  A strong TV buy costs millions of dollars per week in Florida. It cost millions to get on the ballot, and we are playing catch up. 
Clearly Adelson doesn't care about the patients who need this Amendment. Whatever his reasons, we are up against the 8th richest person in the world. 
They have a few dozen donors.  We have thousands... If you've donated before, we need you again, now more than ever. 
- Ben 
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