Update: This is no slam dunk.

Dear friends,
People are talking about medical marijuana in Florida as if Amendment 2 is a sure thing to pass.  It's NOT. 

I have data that shows it's going to take a massive effort to bring supporters to the polls, and educate very reliable voters who haven't taken a solid position on Amendment 2 yet.

This is going to be a statewide campaign, with advertising in every major market in Florida, and a massive door-to-door operation.  I expect it will cost nearly $10 million dollars.

We're not going to get that kind of support out of a few donors. We need your (continued) support. 

Another donor has agreed to match your contribution of any amount through March 31st.

There are so many stories to tell - from parents with children suffering from epilepsy, to those suffering from conditions such as cancer and HIV.  

People need relief - and we can't afford to slow down.  

Our donor will match your unlimited donation - whether it's $50, $100, $500, or $5000.  Please contribute here. 

Thanks for your support for our outreach.  

- Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care. 


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