Update On The Campaign For Medical Marijuana

Dear Friends,

Every day we get one step closer to bringing compassionate care to suffering Floridians. I just wanted to give you a quick update on our progress on numerous fronts:

First, we have collected nearly 200,000 signatures, with over 110,000 validated to date. Each county's election supervisors have 30 days to process submitted petitions, so there is a lag between the number of collected and the number processed. For that reason, we need to reach our goals by the first of the year, so that petitions can be processed by our February 5th deadline. A large scale paid petition-gathering operation will resume in the coming weeks.

While we await Florida Supreme Court approval on the ballot language, the state's Financial Impact Estimating Committee has been conducting public hearings on the economic impact to the state, with estimates to be included on the ballot for voters to see in 2014.

Our staff, while limited, has assembled teams of volunteers that are setting up petition gathering events throughout the state. We have literally thousands of people who have signed up to volunteer.

Finally, in advance of November 5th, we are going to have a Medical Marijuana Money Bomb where we are asking 1000 people to pledge a donation of any amount and donate on that day. If you'd like to make a pledge today, please go here:

The United for Care November 5th Money Bomb Page

Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care

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