Amendment 2 UCF Rally


Medical marijuana supporters: it's time to come out in force to show your support!


Mr. John Morgan and the United For Care bus will be kicking off a big state-wide tour starting October 6th in Orlando, and we are planning a MASSIVE rally to show support for medical marijuana and Amendment 2!

The tour kicks off at the University of Central Florida on Monday, October 6th from 10 AM - 12 PM. There will be food and entertainment followed by speeches from John Morgan and Mrs. Kim Russell, founder of People United for Medical Marijuana. The speech will be in front of the Student Union at the staging area.

We're aiming to have over 100 supporters to be in attendance of this HUGE event, so RSVP and tell your friends about the event and share this event on Facebook. Lets show them that Floridians are ready to vote "Yes on 2"!

October 06, 2014 at 10am - 12pm
University of Central Florida
4000 Central Florida Blvd
Orlando, FL 32816
United States
Google map and directions
Miguel Valdez · · 321-800-6264

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So you know where you're going...
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Hi everyone! I'm here at the office putting the finishing touches (read: running around) for the rally tomorrow, and I wanted to get all of you some more details on where to go for the rally tomorrow @ 10 AM at the Student Union at UCF! First, the address: 4500 Central Florida Blvd. (Here's a map link) For parking, park at paking garages H, D, or C off of Gemini Blvd North near the arena. The cost of parking is just $5. If you REALLY don't want to pay to park, there is free parking on the top floor at PGF, which is the brown building behind the arena. Where to rally: The rally is at the Student Union at UCF. I've made a map for you so you know EXACTLY where to go once you park at one of the aforementioned parking garages. (Pardon my bad drawing!) PRINT THIS MAP OUT ( Be sure to bring any signs of support for Amendment 2 with you (we'll have some ourselves!) We're having great guest speakers, from activists to disabled patients, members of our campaign, and then Mr. John Morgan himself! We'll be having Flipper's Pizza and refreshments at the event, and we're super excited about this. We'll see you tomorrow @ 10 AM!
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Hi everyone, Miguel here with United For Care. Thank you for RSVP'ing! We're doing confirmation phone calls, but there are some people who don't have phone numbers. Please check this list, and if are definitely going, please comment below. This helps us with seating and food. Thanks, everyone! ************************* Tyrell Adams Natalie Aders Danielle Anderson Josh Aylesworth Stephen J Baxter Liz Bejarano Clifford James Brd Vanessa Castle Jason Cavett Darren Sst Comans Christopher Connor Brava Ctc Hal Danley Raymond Duniho Kendall Faye Layla Ferris Jeremiah Fisher Young Florida Wendy Hebert Sam Heisenberg David Hitchman Scott Houston Jesse James Kelly Judkins Jennifer Danielle Kelley Kate Kelley Jason H Kendall Jessica Lynne Lauren Mades Donald May Justin McKay John Miller Andrew Morgan Ryan Moye Mark Mucci Kristina Musante Yvette Ortiz Shelby Paige Erinn Parkes Brita Payne Taylor Polan Nikki Ramsey-Payton Anthony Redman Scottie Ash Robotix Edwin Rodriguez Toni Sabatino-stiver Sigourney Salusso Jackie Schooley Jose Segarra Daniel Simmons JenelleandJericho Sprague Thomas Emily Thorne Frank Torres Jonathan B. Walker Urmeneta Shelby Wagner Jon Walk Ray Williams charles wolfe Patricia Young
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Please invite your friends to this event! We need to support Amendment 2, take a moment and please invite your friends on the Left Hand side of the page!
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