The definition of "debilitating".

With Tallahassee incapable (to date) of passing a truly comprehensive medical marijuana law, it is clearer than ever that it will be left to us to provide medical marijuana access to the hundreds of thousands of sick and suffering patients that need help.

So I want to be clear on one major difference between the 2014 and 2016 petitions:

In 2014, our opposition falsely claimed that people with nearly any condition ("headaches and hangnails" they liked to say) would be considered a qualifying patient. We never agreed with that misrepresentation - and neither did the Florida Supreme Court. However, backed by an out-of-state billionaire, they convinced a lot of voters it was true.

In the 2016 petition, we simply clarified what the Supreme Court said and what our intent was: only people with serious, debilitating conditions would have access.

As before, a doctor will be able to recommend marijuana for a patient, whether or not that patient's particular disease or condition is listed in the amendment language itself. We could not list every possible debilitating condition and didn't need to: It's not more limited or more restrictive. It's just clearer.

The Legislature has proven itself unwilling to address what 24 other states have, so it's likely going to be back on the ballot - and this time we'll get the 60% we need to win.

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- Ben Pollara


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