Rubio says he'll crack down on marijuana.

Just as sensible, responsible drug policy is being implemented in states across the country, at least one presidential candidate has said he's going to shut it down.

On Sunday, Marco Rubio told Meet the Press that he'd use Federal Law to go after states that have laws that contravene current federal law. This is the opposite of the position of the current administration and Congress - which has largely let states decide for themselves.

While we hope and believe the next president will put the rights of patients over the archaic and failed drug policies of the past decades - it is even more important now that Florida establishes patient access in 2016, which will give it more power should this again become a fight over state vs. federal rights.

But if 60% of Floridians vote to approve medical marijuana, President Rubio would use federal law enforcement to deny our rights!

Help us get medical marijuana on the ballot in 2016 - and show every presidential candidate that to win Florida, they must support patient access. Contribute today here. (Or shop at our new United for Care store here - which also supports our effort.

Thank you.

- Ben Pollara


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