John Morgan: Right before my dad passed.

I watched cancer take my dad, slowly and painfully. I know so many of you have been through similar experiences, watching an illness consume someone close to you, eating away at their quality of life.

That helpless feeling... not being able to make it better, to alleviate their suffering, is one of the worst feelings in the word. In our case, despite my dad's concerns about the legality, we were able to convince him to try marijuana.

And here's what happened: his pain eased, his appetite came back, he was able to ease off the narcotics, and for a while, he felt better.

I'm one of thousands of contributors in support of medical marijuana and Amendment 2. Will you join me? Please donate here.

Medical marijuana is legal in nearly half of the states in the country. And where it's legal - none of the scary, apocalyptic consequences promised by the opposition have come true. Violent crime has gone down, youth consumption has remained flat, and society has not collapsed. I

Here's what did happen: patients got access to another form of medicine, safer and less addicting than what doctors were legally allowed to recommend before.

We're going to win this thing - but the No on 2 folks are well funded and pushing a lot of misinformation. We need your help:

Please join me in supporting Amendment 2, compassionate care for patients that need it, and help us to victory. Contribute today.

Thank you,

John Morgan
United for Care

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