United for Care Reacts to Remarks from Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Florida Amendment 2

United for Care Reacts to Remarks from
Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Florida Amendment 2

"In the age of progressive politics I am highly disappointed in DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz. She obviously doesn’t understand the benefits of medical marijuana and hasn’t bothered to understand Amendment 2, either. Sanjay Gupta and the highly trained doctors in Israel could teach her a lot. She was irrelevant in the Democratic Party before this, now she is siding with Pam Bondi and Rick Scott. I have removed her from my contacts. She should switch parties. She is neither compassionate nor progressive.”

-John Morgan, Chairman, United for Care

“As a constituent of Rep. Wasserman Schultz and the father of a little girl who suffers from terrible seizures that could be alleviated by the use of medical marijuana, I find her remarks extremely troubling and disappointing. I don’t know how Congresswoman Schultz would feel if she was getting constant text messages from home every single day letting her know that her young child was suffering from yet another of hundreds of debilitating and potentially deadly seizures, but I suspect her view on Amendment 2 would be quite different. I hope no one in her family ever has to experience what my Becca does every day, and I hope that she reconsiders her position on this life or death issue.”

-Seth Hyman, father of Rebecca Hyman, who suffers from constant, violent seizures due to a rare genetic disorder

“Ms. Wasserman Schultz says she feels Amendment 2 is too broad, but in fact it’s quite specific. It establishes the right of a physician to recommend medical marijuana to a patient with a debilitating condition if its use would offer that patient relief. It then asks the Florida Department of Health to build a regulatory framework that makes it possible for that person to have access to the medicine he or she needs. It’s difficult to say whether Ms. Wasserman Schultz believes sick people should be kept from their medicine, or whether she thinks the public servants at the Department of Health are incompetent and would implement the amendment irresponsibly, but both positions are puzzling, unfortunate and wrong.”

-Ben Pollara, campaign manager, United for Care

Powered by over 10,000 volunteers, United for Care is the largest organization in Florida urging voters to vote "yes" on Amendment 2. United for care is a non-partisan campaign with an on-the-ground presence in 18 communities across the state including campaign offices in Miami, Tampa and Orlando.

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For more information or to schedule an interview with Ben Pollara, please call Maurizio Passariello at 786.285.6398 or email him at press@unitedforcare.org.

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