PRESS: United for Care Begins Statewide Radio

United for Care has begun airing statewide radio spots, featuring its chairman, John Morgan. The spots tell the story of Morgan's brother Tim, who suffered a paralyzing injury and uses medical marijuana to curb pain and muscular spasms.

One ad reads:

"The day my brother Tim was paralyzed was the worst day of my life. He was 18. My dad called me at college to tell me the news. I drove to St. Augusta Catholic Church, lit candles and prayed. And then I drove home. Tim was spinning 360 on a bed, unable to move any part of his body. It was the first time he ever saw me cry. Since that time, I've cried privately hundreds of times, thinking about my brother, and his suffering. He is my hero and my efforts to have medical marijuana in Florida are in his honor. If he took the drugs needed to control his pain and spasms, he'd be a zombie. A piece of chocolate in the morning and at night is all he needs to live a meaningful life. Many of your neighbors, like Tim, are counting on you to vote Yes on Amendment 2. Please vote. A lot of really sick people are counting on you. Compassion is coming. I love you, Tim."

The Yes on 2 campaign had previously begun a statewide online campaign, featuring banner ads and a online video ad, "It's Worked." (Found here: YesOn2 - It's Worked.) .

As of this week, the video ad has been seen to completion over 600,000 times by over 100,000 registered voters. Millions of banners and other online ads have reached nearly half a million registered voters.

"John Morgan's commitment to this campaign can't be understated, and his personal story echoes the experience of so many people throughout Florida, who have had to care for sick and injured family members. Not only has his generosity fueled the campaign, but it has inspired literally thousands of others to donate to support it," said Ben Pollara.

"This is just the beginning of a communications roll out that will continue to expand and intensify through election day. Every poll has shown a very small number of undecided voters - and that a significant majority of the rest are supportive of compassionate care and the right of doctors to recommend what they feel is best for their patients. Our job is to make sure that we counter the blatant lies being aired by the No on 2 campaign while telling the stories of real-world patients who need this medicine," said Pollara.

To hear the latest radio ad, click here.

Powered by over 10,000 volunteers, United for Care is the largest organization in Florida urging voters to vote "yes" on Amendment 2. United for care is a non-partisan campaign with an on-the-ground presence in 18 communities across the state including campaign offices in Miami, Tampa and Orlando.

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