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2) Print out and sign the petition.  
Please make sure that all information is accurate and that you include EITHER your Voter Registration number OR your Date of Birth.  **Make sure you sign and date the petition on page 2.**

3) Mail your completed petition to:

People United for Medical Marijuana 
Post Office Box 560296 
Orlando, FL 32856 

Other Important Info: 

You must be a registered voter in the State of Florida.  (If you are not, information as to how to register to vote can be found here:

Please leave the paid petition circulator section at the bottom of page 2 of the petition blank.

If you have questions, please email or visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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commented 2014-01-08 14:20:33 -0500 · Flag
This is actually her husband commenting…I saw Billy Joel in concert last night and I was told that the previous week Jay Z was there. If I knew that, I could have handed out 100s of petitions to them. I informed a few people last night but they all had negative attitudes about the whole legalization thing. It is their fault if they don’t send them in.
commented 2014-01-03 11:38:20 -0500 · Flag
Thanks for sending me the petitions I requested. They will be in the mail today.
commented 2014-01-03 04:41:20 -0500 · Flag
I posted over 100 comments on YouTube to encourage marijuana enthusiasts to get motivated. Colorado should hel Florida out.
commented 2013-12-21 09:17:11 -0500 · Flag
Yes, this is great. Will post to my FB wall. I hope this goes viral and people understand the need for this for people who are very ill.
commented 2013-12-20 18:50:59 -0500 · Flag
I pray that all registered voters in the state of Florida will sign the petition and help pass the law to legalize this, that has been proven to help those of us that live with cronic pain. Its time for the older residence of Florida to get into the 21st century and read the facts then support this movement!
commented 2013-12-13 12:18:44 -0500 · Flag
Is there any way you could mail me 5 petitions? I’ve forwarded the links to several friends but they keep giving 5 pages of comments instead of actually printing me the petition. All my friends are computer illiterate! When is the deadline?
commented 2013-11-26 16:23:19 -0500 · Flag
Not saying there shpuld be a stop to all pharmaceutical pill.but to eliminate
The ones causing the severe damage and death. and clearly. there has been no death upon using marijuana as a pain killer.and lets just say it did by some chance.something else was wrong with the person. and clearly an autopsy would prove that..marijuana has not been a cause of death like a pill has taken many life’s.even by accident a person takes the wrong pill,causing death. A person,can not smoke the wrong type of joint to reliefthere pain..but if was probly some good high grade. that fully give them a relaxing sensation. and to relieve the mind from stress..I don’t see why there not seeing the possibilities. it’s never to to late for them to see the major impact of money it can bring.could take care of the obaba care.stock marts would be at the high trying to buy up land for growth. Job openings.buildings to be used.taking the crime rate down in the marijuana trafficking.stopping the dealers.or just be care them jobs to take car of those in need,as we all do now in the state of come on there is so much to gain.nothing to lose..just open the eyes a lil more,shed light on helping need to be. blinded by the light..
commented 2013-11-22 12:44:21 -0500 · Flag
Absolutely beneficial and therapeutic, apparently the Florida State government would prefer to see people medicated with benzodiazapines than with marijuana for psychological issues. Without considering that marijuana is NOT addictive, has far fewer and less severe side effects, and in many instances works better for the patient. This state and this Federal Gov. has spent 100’s of BILLIONS of $$ in the so called “War On Drugs”, each year for the past THIRTY PLUS YEARS!! What has been the outcome? Are drugs killing fewer people? Are drugs harder to obtain? Are fewer people using drugs? The answer to each of these questions is a resounding NO! Therefore, we must evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts. We cannot just blindly continue throwing 100’s of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS into a failing strategy. What CEO of any corp. would keep their job if they continued to lose enormous amounts of revenue on a failing strategy FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS?! It completely boogles the mind to imagine how much good could have been acheived if those funds had been spent WISELY. Was Prohibition not enough of a lesson? Why have we created 1000’s & 1000’s of criminal Millionaires, through the criminalization of people’s personal choices? One cannot change another’s personal choices by outlawing substances. Those who desire to, will continue find those substances, and in the process make the suppliers RICH & POWERFUL. There are far more effective ways to HELP people to change their self-destructive behaviors. The current strategy is clearly ineffective. I ask, how and why would we continue the same failing polocies over and over for so many years without evaluating its’ effect, and changing to something completely different. Especially since it has cost us all such incomprehensible amounts of money that could have gone to effective programs.
commented 2013-11-20 10:15:54 -0500 · Flag
Legalize Medical Marijuana
commented 2013-11-15 21:34:17 -0500 · Flag
Not only is medicinal marijuana therapeutic for those of us who suffer chronic pain, but it’s also an effective remedy for depression. It’s immoral to jail people for seeking alternatives to addictive pain killers and anti-depressants. And think about how the state can benefit from the extra income instead of the folks who deal illegally.
commented 2013-11-15 09:54:31 -0500 · Flag
Well, as a chronic pain & fibromyalgia sufferer, anyone running that does NOT support legalizing medicinal marijuanna, will lose the votes of MANY people I have come to know in Broward Cty.
commented 2013-11-15 09:43:09 -0500 · Flag
Amazing that the Florida Senate and House leadership is doing everything they can to block this movement. Other states are legalizing for the purpose of recreational use, this resulting in a regulated product and expanded tax base.
Our Florida leadership is trying to prevent use for medicinal and comfort., dismissing the cares of their constituent doctors or people ailing physically. Quite shameful.
Government interference into the personal medical choices of a person is not a conservative principle.
commented 2013-11-15 09:24:08 -0500 · Flag
Bout time for FL to get with the times. As tough as the state is on pain meds, give people with legitimate pain a NATURAL & SAFE alternative to addictive pills. If the state benefits with tax dollars, sounds like a win-win to me!