Payback is coming. Soon.


We are one step away from getting back on the ballot.  One step away from bringing a renewed hope for the patients of Florida - in an election year when we're likely to get very different results than in 2014.

When we came up short in 2014, I told you we may have lost that battle, but we would win the war. 

Yesterday was the latest victory - a unanimous approval in the Florida Supreme court.  Even Attorney General Pam Bondi didn't contest it. The writing is clearly on the wall.  

Our last step in this qualification process is to get the remaining petitions in the door and approved. The only way to do this before our deadline is to pay for it to be done.  I've already put in millions, but we need your help again.

Please help push us past our goal of 683,149 validated petitions. I'll match the contribution you make here 9 to 1.  

We won't let the patients down.
We are going to win in 2016. 
Things are about to change in Florida. 
They will finally hear our voices.
Compassion is coming.

- John Morgan

United for Care

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