Officially Amendment 2 - Medical Marijuana back on ballot.

It's official: medical marijuana is back on the ballot as Amendment 2. 

The revised, 2016 Amendment is tighter, clearer, and it's already resulted in unanimous approval by the Florida Supreme Court, no opposition from Attorney General Pam Bondi, and hundreds of thousands of new supporters. 

But the fight is far from over:  The No on 2 team has already started lying about it!

We can't stop them from lying, but we can make sure that voters hear the truth about what the Amendment does, and how medical marijuana helps patients across a wide spectrum of conditions, from cancer to PTSD to nerve pain. 

Contribute here to help us mark the official beginning of this campaign - and play offense across every corner of the state.

We have 10 months to raise the millions more we need to fight it out on the airwaves, online, and more to make sure that undecided voters make the right choice and get us to 60% in November. 

The fight is just beginning. Please make a contribution to the Yes on 2 campaign here.

We're back.
We're going to win for the patients.

- John Morgan
United for Care
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