Not feeling good about Tallahassee

I just got back home after spending the last two days in Tallahassee, lobbying for a medical marijuana bill that a huge majority of Floridians have been asking for.

I got some news to share: it ain't looking good!

Despite the voices of 58% of Floridians and our efforts in the legislature, the third week of the session just ended without a hearing in either house.

We need to redouble our efforts to get back on the ballot in 2016. To do that we need you to sign the petition and get everyone you know to do the same.

We elect members of the legislature to serve the will of the voters in their districts. At this point it appears they may AGAIN deny that will - deny YOUR will. These men and women work for US but sometimes it sure doesn't seem that way.

We've got to collect these petitions if our voice is to be heard. Sign the new petition and get your family and friends to sign as well.

Our lobbying efforts in Tallahassee have been made in good faith but so far, that good faith hasn't been reciprocated by politicians more concerned with the size of a beer than suffering Floridians desperate for relief.

Folks, I want medical marijuana to be the law of the land in Florida as soon as possible - people are sick and suffering NOW and they can't wait. But we may soon need to face the harsh reality that our only option is the 2016 ballot.

There's still more than half the session left to go, so I'm not throwing in the towel. What I am doing is telling you we need to refocus our efforts on putting this issue back to a vote.

I'll be going to Tallahassee again in a few weeks. I hope to give you a better report after that trip. In the mean time: sign the petition!

Thanks for everything you do. We're gonna pass this, one way or the other.

- Ben

P.S. Please help support our efforts to get ‎medical marijuana on the 2016 ballot by contributing here.

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