My little girl, Becca.

My daughter, Becca, is 8 years old. She can't walk or talk; she has so many seizures each day, we don't even count them anymore. Some days, there are hundreds of life-threatening seizures.

Medical marijuana - once it's available to us - may help curb her seizures.

But for me, this is about more than just helping Becca. I'm working with United for Care now, helping to advocate and raise money to pass Amendment 2 so that EVERY patient with a serious, debilitating condition - whose doctors believe can benefit from medical marijuana - has access to it.

The only way to guarantee this access for Becca and people who suffer from cancer, HIV/AIDS, MS, and other conditions is to pass Amendment 2.

We all lead very complicated, busy lives - but there are a lot of ways we can each contribute to this effort:

Please click here to see the different ways you can help.

We'd love to have you as a volunteer - but even simply committing to vote by mail or making a small contribution would be helpful.

We have 166 days to secure enough support for Amendment 2 to pass - for my little girl, Becca and countless others like her.

Please help any way you can.

- Seth Hyman

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