Montel Williams: Please support Amendment 2 and the patients who need it.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999. This disease, which attacks the nervous system, affects people in many different ways.

For me, it has produced a variety of symptoms - one of which is neuropathic pain - which I have been able to mitigate with medical marijuana. Opiate medication doesn't work for me.

The benefits of medical marijuana - shared by so many patients nationwide and supported by physicians from Dr. Gupta to Dr. Oz to multiple medical organizations nationwide - are well established. What isn't established, yet, is the right of Florida's seriously sick and injured patients to access it with the recommendation of their doctor.

That's where you come in: Beyond voting Yes, we need you to help with a contribution to the Yes on 2 campaign.

Please donate today to help the United for Care campaign get to undecided voters across the state.

Unfortunately the opposition is heavily funded, and money should not be the reason why patients are left in the middle of the battlefield.

We’ve got to make sure voters get the information they need to make an educated decision on this topic.

Please help make sure that Floridians have access to the medication their doctors recommend.

Donate today to United for Care if you can.

With sincere thanks,

Montel Williams

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