LTE: John Morgan

By Ben Pollara

The ongoing race for governor of Florida is symptomatic of Americans' growing cynicism and disenchantment with electoral politics. Negativity, lies and slick sales jobs permeate our discourse and lead to abysmal voter turnout in the United States — embarrassing the nation that perfected republican democracy.

It is for that reason that attorney John Morgan's recent unscripted "rant" to a bar full of young people should be looked upon favorably, even by those opposed to medical marijuana or offended by the language that he used. Morgan is an imperfect messenger, delivering an imperfect message, but doing so with a candor and clarity unaccustomed to by the public.

Instead of feigning outrage at the use of humor and profanity, we should respect what Morgan did and what he said to that late-night crowd, who otherwise likely did not have the upcoming elections on their collective mind. It is those same critical cynics who believe they benefit when voters stay home. Morgan has a passion for medical marijuana, which helps his quadriplegic brother live a normal life, as well as a passion for youth participation in politics. I hope his words both inspire and outrage those disengaged from this process to get out and vote this fall — and hopefully vote for Amendment 2 when they do.

Rick Scott and Charlie Crist should be jealous of Morgan's ability to speak his mind to voters. I am proud to have him as the chairman of this campaign.

Campaign Manager
United for Care
Coral Gables

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