John Morgan: I'm Writing a Big Check

I’m writing a big check for the patients who need medical marijuana and need you to help too.

I'm doing it because the legislature has ended their session and again failed to deliver access to the suffering patients who need medical marijuana.

"This is something that is best handled by the legislature," our opposition (and numerous legislators) said last year.

Well, despite our best efforts to work with them, the legislature sat on their hands. Now it's time for us to, once again, take matters in our own hands.

We need your help again to kick this into high gear:

Help me get medical marijuana back on the ballot by contributing here, with me, today.

We were outspent last year 3 to 1 and that hurt us. But this time we're not going to be - and we have more time to answer the lies and falsehoods that, without question, will come from those who will do anything to obstruct reasonable access. And we're going to change Florida along the way.

I am fired up - because we are the only ones that can make this happen. And we will.

I just contributed. This is the first - but it won't be the last.

We have to do this together. Please make a contribution now and let's get this done.


John Morgan

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