JOHN MORGAN: My commitment is as strong as ever. We WILL win.


We are going to win this war for the patients of Florida. Make a donation here today, and I'll match it. 

In 2013, I made a substantial commitment of money and time to this campaign - and in all, thousands of donors large and small, and over ten thousand volunteers came together to fight for compassion and against outrageous, but massively funded lies.

We came very close - the second highest result for medical marijuana in the nation and more votes than any elected leader on the ballot. 

I was hoping - like many of you - that our legislators would wake the hell up, realize that the science is there, the will of the people is there, and that a delay not only hurts patients  - it's going to hurt them in the next election. 

Make no mistake - I will do what i can to alleviate the pain of those suffering - and make sure those that are responsible for this delay feel pain politically. Voters will know they failed us. 

There were exceptions - and exceptional advocates on our behalf in the Senate and even in the House.  I will likewise make sure they're lauded for their efforts.  I hope they will all join in support of the amendment to be.

My commitment is as strong as ever.  The demographics favor us. Momentum and science favor us.  And we are not starting from the same place.  

In 2013, we built this campaign from a few thousand scattered supporters to over 3.4 million voters.  In 2015, we are starting with an infrastructure and broad public awareness.  We have a great team and singular, focused mission:

We will put this issue back before the voters.

We will win.

Please join me by supporting this re-launch by contributing again here. I'll match it with my own.

- John Morgan

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