John Morgan: It's Tim's Birthday

It's my brother Tim's 57th birthday today - and I'm so thankful he is still with us. I owe that, in part, to medical marijuana. 

Between the injury that left him paralyzed decades ago - to the cancer that came later on, we're lucky he is still around. 

But he's more than "still around":  He is happy and thriving - and an inspiration to everyone around him. He's been a key member of the Morgan & Morgan firm and has led a life that few of us could have dreamed possible in the months and years right after he got hurt.

Marijuana changed his life - easing the muscle spasms, reducing the nerve pain - and stoking his appetite when he was sick. Tim and my dad (who also used marijuana to ease the pain and symptoms from cancer and chemo) - are both the reason I've put millions into this campaign.  

I know it works. I've seen it. And it's morally wrong to deny doctors the right to recommend it.

I am going to give United for Care nine dollars for every one you donate.  Please, in honor of Tim, my father, and the people in your life that are like them - donate today, here. 

We're going to do this together.  We're going to get it on the ballot - and then win in November 2016. 


- John Morgan

United for Care

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