John Morgan: I'm pissed and you should be too.

I have to tell you, I'm mad as hell.

In the No on 2 folks' latest ad - they go after CAREGIVERS.  They use scare tactics to demonize caregivers - the people who take on the daunting task of caring for their friends and family members who can't care for themselves. Guys like Robert Jordan - who gets busted for taking care of his wife Cathy, with ALS.  Or guys like me - who risked jail to bring relief to his father and brother.

It's offensive, tone-deaf, and yet - they're blasting it out everywhere with millions of dollars behind it. 

Join with me and let's show our outrage:

Until midnight tonight - Barbara Stiefel and I will each match any donation you make, here. 

It's going to cost millions to win.  Literally thousands of donors - large and small - are coming together to bring us to victory.  We've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions ranging from $5-$1000.  They helped get us past the petition requirements - and they're going to help us win this one on Election Day.

Please help us defend medical marijuana and Amendment 2. Contribute here before midnight.

Let's win this thing - for the people.

- John Morgan 


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