I'm thankful for John Morgan

This thanksgiving, I'm thankful for John Morgan - and his unwavering support of this campaign. 

No one has given more to get medical marijuana passed than John Morgan.  He's spent millions - and is doing his part, fulfilling his promise to win the war our opposition has waged against the patients of Florida.

We're working right through the holiday weekend, to pull in as many petitions as we can. We still have hundreds of thousands to go. 

Will you sign and mail the petition here - or support our petition gathering efforts with a contribution?

I'm also thankful that Attorney General Pam Bondi for not challenging the petition, and to the Florida Supreme Court for subsequently canceling oral arguments. 

John Morgan is STILL matching donations 9 to 1.  The $150k we raise will result in a total of $1.5 million (combined with his match). We should all be thankful for his support - but more than that, thankful we live in a place where we can change the law when it doesn't work.  All we have to do is get those petitions signed and conntributions in, and we'll do it together. 

- Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care

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