Orlando Brewing presents: Enlighten the Way - A fundraising rally to help very sick Floridians

Orlando Brewing (1301 Atlanta Ave. Orlando, FL 32806) will be hosting the first ever Medical Marijuana fundraising rally in Orlando titled "Enlighten the Way" on December 22nd from 1p-8p. Please bring your dollars to support the cause; it's how you'll be voting for the winners. Happy hour prices all day for anyone who donates at least $5 to the cause. No cover charge and free parking. Event will happen rain or shine (hopefully shine). 

Please share this event with everyone you know, whether or not you will be able to attend. Bring EVERYONE you can!

The delicious food truck, A fork in the Road, will be providing the amazing food for our event and have agreed to donate a portion of their proceeds towards our benefit. Please make sure you support them.

We will have five local bands, playing all original music all competing for your votes. The contest will be judged based on how much money (votes) the bands can raise. The one with the most money at the end of the day wins!

Stereo Type 
Next Door Strangers 
The Getbye 
Holey Miss Moley 
The Happy Campers

We will also be holding a motorcycle contest where the crowd chooses the winner! If you have any friends that have a motorcycle club, or just a bad-ass bike, please have them contact Oscar (407 792 2641) ASAP! 

Additionally we will be showing the medical marijuana documentary "Weed" by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN's Emmy award-winning chief medical correspondent. 

Lastly we will be having a glassblower on site (Sea Shakes) to blow a unique piece which we will be raffling off for $10 per ticket. 

Any questions, call Oscar (the regional coordinator) 407 792 2641 or e-mail him oscar@unitedforcare.org

If you haven't already, go to www.unitedforcare.org/petition to download your personalized petition and then print, sign, and sent it in! 

The Facebook link for the event is: https://www.facebook.com/events/177934702414489/ in case you would like to RSVP on there. Please share this link with everyone you know so we can make this a success!

December 22, 2013 at 1pm - 8pm
Orlando Brewing
1301 Atlanta Ave
Orlando, FL 32806
United States
Google map and directions
Oscar Ramirez · · 407-792-2641

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rsvped 2013-12-23 05:02:29 -0500
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Excited to be a part of united for care! Sign, sign, and sign some more! We are the change we want to see in this world!
rsvped 2013-12-22 05:03:10 -0500
rsvped 2013-12-22 05:03:10 -0500
posted about this on Facebook 2013-12-21 21:18:54 -0500
Tomorrow is the big day! The glass blowers are confirmed. The bikes should be here. All we are missing is you! Just remember, it is a drug free event so don't bring your "medicine;" we appreciate your cooperation. Can't wait to see you! I hope you bring your friends. The brewery is super stoked to be hosting this event! Feel free to bring a camera to capture memories. Last but not least, remember that there is no ATM on site so bring your cash so you can vote for the bikes and bands as well as get your raffle tickets from the glass blowers.
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Florida's Angels of Mercy will be making an appearance!!!
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I just had a call a little while ago from someone who will be attending the event. She is coming all the way from Jacksonville! How exciting! Also, it goes without saying but, anyone caught using marijuana at the event will be expelled from the event; no questions asked! We do not need to give anyone any reason to sabotage all the hard work thousands of people have invested in this effort.
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COME 1, COME ALL! This will be the BEST Event in the History of ORLANDO!!!! Don't miss out on the PARTY. We are having lots of Great Bands (music from 1-8) Bring your Iron Horse- we're having a Best Motor cycle show/contest with $$$$ (cash) prizes- You Pick the WINNERS of the Bands - local Fantastic Talent!!! And YOU pick The BEST Ride.... Did I mention Cold BEER & HOT WOMEN!!! Don't miss out, I will post this EVERYDAY because it Will be that GREAT & I don't want MY Friends to miss out on All the shanangins!!!!!
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Here it is
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