JOHN MORGAN: Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

The collective stupidity of the Florida legislature continues to astound me. 

Let's face it - most politicians are out to protect their own careers.  But by ignoring medical marijuana, they are not only endangering their personal chances in 2016, they're very possibly setting up a scenario that could have an impact on the presidential race.  Turnout WILL change because of our presence on the ballot. 

And with God as my witness - we are going to be on the ballot.

We are going to win this war for the patients of Florida. Make a donation here today, and I'll match it. 

What's outrageous is that they just doubled down... calling a special session of legislature and leaving medical marijuana off the agenda.  

We're going to have to do it ourselves.  We will win the war for the patients.  And I will personally make sure that those that opposed us feel some pain  of their own in November 2016. 

Please join me by supporting this re-launch by contributing again here. I'll match it with my own.


- John Morgan.

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