Campaign Update - May 9

Dear Friends,

Support for Amendment 2 continues to grow:  A recent poll put current support for medical marijuana at almost 90%.

However, polls are simply a snapshot in time and there's no way to tell how many of the people polled will actually show up on election day.  

What we do know is that two things will dramatically affect the results:

1) How well we can mount an effective education campaign and combat mistruths and mischaracterizations coming from the opposition.

2) How much we can get casual voters - who don't normally vote in non-presidential elections - to vote.

To the first point, we have found that when people hear our arguments for Amendment 2, they work - and we move numbers.  This is why we are going to mount a sustained (and expensive) advertising and field campaign. You may have noticed a few fundraising emails, encouraging people to contribute to this massive, challenging and growing operation. 

To the issue of getting casual voters to the polls, we are encouraging people to request absentee ballots so they can vote by mail. (Link to the form is here.)

In the end, Amendment 2 is about making sure that patients get the medicine they need.  While the legislature smartly approved a specific kind of medical marijuana that helps those with severe epilepsy  (acknowledging in the process that marijuana IS medicine) - Amendment 2 provides relief for the effects of many more serious diseases and conditions, including Cancer and MS.  

This campaign will be about their stories.  To that end, we asked people last month to submit videos and pictures explaining why they support medical marijuana in Florida, and are voting for Amendment 2.  Some of the highlights of their submissions can be found here.

The United for Care Campaign started in the winter of 2013 with only a few consultants, volunteers, a very small list of supporters, and a few very supportive donors, such as our Chairman, John Morgan.  We now have over 100,000 supporters, over 10,000 volunteers, and over 3000 donors who have separately contributed over $200,000 in smaller online donations.   Over 780,000 validated signatures were submitted, and hundreds of thousands more submitted petitions that might have been accepted but they had an error or incorrect address. 

This is clearly a campaign built on your support - and if we can keep it growing, we will win in November and deliver compassionate care to the people of Florida.

With sincere appreciation for your efforts,

Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care
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