Campaign Update and Progress Report


As many of you read, last week John Morgan said he would match 9 to 1 every donation that comes between now and December 31st.  The reason:  We have to raise $150,000 in donations that - combined with John's part, will get us to the $1.5 million we need to get the petition on the ballot before the deadline.

The response has been unbelievable. In just 5 days, we've raised $16,500 in donations - which, when combined with John's match, gives us $165,000 - 11% of our overall goal.  We are hoping to get to $30k by the end of October, so we are more than halfway there.  

Please keep it this going and encourage your friends to donate here.  Morgan will match ANY amount given (and we know some of you and your friends have the ability to give a lot.)

We also don't just want to get on the ballot - we want to get on the ballot first and be Amendment 1.


As you know, we need to get 683,149 validated petitions, which means we need to collect roughly a million petitions overall, as some get bounced for missing signatures, incorrect info, etc.  Despite the fact there's as long as a 30 day lag in updating, we currently have 265,862 (38% of our requirement) validated.   No other constitutional amendment is anywhere close to this figure - and to date, the grand total of validated petitions by other marijuana amendments is 1. (Not a typo.)

It's our hope that the activist community will redouble and consolidate its efforts on behalf of this petition - which as of this moment appears to be the only one with a good chance of getting on the ballot. 

We'll keep you up to date.  The real thing we need right now are contributions to support the petition effort.  If you can contribute today, please contribute here and Morgan will match it 9 to 1.

- Ben Pollara

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