Thanks to you and your support, medical marijuana will be on Florida's 2016 ballot. 

The Florida Division of Elections has confirmed, we've validated enough petitions (and qualified in enough districts) to give voters a second chance to provide relief to hundreds of thousands of suffering patients. 

This effort cost millions of dollars - but it needed to happen. The legislature sat on its heels. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Pam Bondi stood against us. But I told you when we came up short in 2014 that we would win the war, and we will.  Medical marijuana is coming to Florida. 

Now the campaign officially begins.

We're waiting on the official designation of Amendment 2 (again), but we have 10 months to raise the millions more we need to fight it out on the airwaves, online, and more to make sure that undecided voters make the right choice and get us to 60% in November. 

The fight starts today. Please make a contribution to the soon-to-be-officially Yes on 2 campaign here.  

We're back.
We're going to win for the patients.

- John Morgan
United for Care
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Go Florida!!! Now for the rest of the country to follow suit…