Breaking: No on 2 Campaign Ramps Up

If you've been thinking that Amendment 2 would pass without a serious fight, it's time to think again: The "No on Amendment 2" campaign is fully underway, with a new website and video.

We’ve been expecting this all along. While we got a great head start, there are a lot of resources and potential big donors on the other side.

For decades, this country found it perfectly acceptable to send patients to jail for purchasing or possessing medical marijuana. People who were trying to alleviate their own suffering - or the suffering of those they were acting as caretakers for - were risking arrest and a criminal record.

While 21 states and DC have evolved their laws to allow for compassionate care, there are still interests here that want to perpetuate the (expensive, cruel and unnecessary) status quo.

Our campaign may cost $10 million to ensure victory - and we are a long way off:

Please help us fight back - right now - with a show of support. Every donation you make until the end of the month will be matched by one of our major donors.

Beyond a contribution, if you can also sign up as a volunteer and get involved in some capacity, we need the help.

To sign up as a volunteer, please click here.

We are not going to let the Vote No on 2 campaign set the tone of this debate. We will set the tone. We will own the debate. We are going to make sure the voices of patients, caretakers, doctors, and nurses are represented.

Thank you in advance for your quick response.

- Ben

Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care

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