Before your holiday, please read this.

I'm heading out for the holidays - but before I do, I'm writing another check to match the donations that have been coming in to support the petition effort. 

While I am confident we will get on the ballot - the longer we wait, the more expensive it will get to collect the petitions.

Keep in mind - in 2014, we spent so much money getting on the ballot at the last minute, that it cost us dearly when it came time to talk to voters.  I'm doing what I can, and many of you are as well, but we can't do it without EVERYONE participating.

If you contribute right now - it will save the campaign money and get us closer to victory.  Contribute here. 

Make no mistake - we are the only petition that has a snowball's chance in hell of getting on the ballot. 

No other ballot initiative that can directly or indirectly help patients has more than a handful of petitions validated.  We have hundreds of thousands.  When we get on the ballot, we are very likely going to be Amendment 1.

We can't fail the patients by falling just short. 

And be sure of this - 2016 will be different than 2014.  Turnout will be different, momentum is in our favor, and even if they throw another $6 million at us, we know how to push back on their lies.  If we get on the ballot and push hard - WE WILL WIN.

Please contribute here in honor of someone in your family who has cancer, MS, epilepsy, PTSD, severe neuropathic pain - or any other debilitating condition that can be helped through access to medical marijuana. 


Compassion is coming. 

- John Morgan
United for Care

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