Army veteran arrested for medical marijuana.

This is why we are pushing so hard:

Mathew Young, a 45 year old Army veteran was arrested last year, for growing medical marijuana to treat his pain, medication side effects, and PTSD.

Young, a medic who served in Iraq, suffered over 30 concussions and shrapnel wounds from roadside bombs and other explosions, and said he contracted AIDS after being treating a wounded soldier with the disease. Marijuana has allowed him to resume a more normal life.

Unfortunately, he was led to believe by a law firm that the medical necessity provisions in existing law provided legal protection from arrest. While there has been one case in which medical necessity has resulted in an acquittal, it does not protect patients from arrest and historically has not immunized them from prosecution or the need to hire an attorney.

Today - Mathew is fighting for his freedom.

These kinds of cases have to stop. The only way to stop them is with a comprehensive medical marijuana law - either from legislature or via the ballot process.

This is why we're fighting - and why we continue to need your support. Please help veterans like Mathew, and others who need access, by contributing here.

If you've already contributed, please make sure you have signed the petition (here) and, please share this email with at least a few of your friends.

- Ben Pollara


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