Are you in?

Getting on the ballot last week was an extraordinary accomplishment... but that was last week. 

Unfortunately, it took every dime we had (and then some) to get enough petitions in. As we officially start the next phase of this campaign, we're also starting from scratch to raise the kind of money we need to win in November. 

We've easily sent over 500 emails in 3 and a half years, so maybe this seems repetitive to you. But the fact is everyone on this team, and so many of you on this list, have fought hard to get this back on the ballot for the patients. 

This is a new petition and a new race - and we need you to jump in again: Give United for Care $3 or $3,000, but please give here.

It's my responsibility to tell you the simple math: We have to raise millions, but if we buy TV before the summer, we save a TON of money that may make the difference in this race.  

Late donations are typical in elections as the urgency ramps up, but in a Presidential year, if we have to buy ads late, it's could cost us an extra million or two. 

For that reason—the urgency is now. Please make ANY donation you can here.

- Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care


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