2 extra years of pain - by John Morgan

It makes me furious when I think about it.

Cancer patients, children with epilepsy, people with MS and debilitating neuropathic pain… they all could have had some kind of relief by now. Instead, the legislature sat on its hands and the opposition found someone to give them millions to run a campaign of lies. They used their superior financial position to their advantage, and overwhelmed a statewide audience with fear-mongering.

The true cost? Two extra years of pain and suffering for those who shouldn’t have to have any.

I am putting up millions again to fight this fight - but it won’t be enough unless you contribute (again). Please do so here and I’ll match it.

We have two goals, both of which will cost millions of dollars:

1) Get on the ballot.
2) Win in November 2016.

We know for certain that the moment we were able to communicate our message - we immediately rose in the polls. Thanks to your support, we were able to get on TV and online in more markets, and were climbing fast in the days before the election. We simply ran out of time. They were able to start big and early on TV, Radio and online - and we had a big hole to climb out of.

This time it will be different.

If you contribute here - we’ll be on the ballot sooner, and be able to direct more resources and time to inoculate against the new onslaught of lies to come.

If you contribute here - we’ll be one step closer to fulfilling our promise to the patients of Florida.

If you contribute here - I’ll match it, doubling the power of your donation.

Our deadlines are creeping closer. We have a huge fight ahead.

Please help us mobilize.

- John Morgan



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