Only 288 more donors needed in February. Can you jump in?

One thing is absolutely for certain: The people who support medical marijuana in Florida are passionate.

In only a handful of days, we've pulled in 122 of our 500 donor goal.  We have only 288 to go, and 14 days to get there. 

Our records show you haven't contributed in February. Could you make a donation today?

This money is going to mean more advertising that tells the truth about marijuana's benefits to seriously debilitated patients, and therefore, more supporters in November.

We only need 288 more donors. Please give what you can here - whether it's $5 or $5,000, every donation gets us closer to our February goal.

Our budget requires us to raise millions—and requires you, our supporters, to jump in as contributors as often as you can.

Want some good news?  The Bradenton Herald just endorsed Amendment 2 after opposing it in 2014.  Here's what they said: " The new language resolves all the objectionable provisions of the flawed 2014 initiative."

We're making progress month by month.  We're going to win - we just have to keep our foot on the gas.

Thank you. 

- Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care
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just want to say to the people who see and read this blog that if you guys are really able to give some help in these types of programs so please do it you don’t even know someone can get the priceless happiness from your donations.